Blackdale began with sheep production and farm development in 1956 by Peter.

The Blacks of Ermedale (Blackdale) settled in the district in 1924 moving south from Canterbury onto a small undeveloped 53-hectare block. Like many families at the time, a variety of stock (dairy, beef, sheep, and horse) were run on the farm as well as cropping. Peter the youngest of six took over the farm in 1956 and started to focus on sheep production and farm development. Using his knowledge gained from Lincoln Peter along with wife Marion started sheep stud breeding in 1969 with the development of the Coopworth Stud flock No.77 with intensive performance recording.

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Now a 328-hectare intensive sheep breeding operation, with Sires of several breeds going all over New Zealand and some as far as North and South America, Australia, UK and more recently we have used Elite Texel genetics from the UK.

Blackdale Stud has been involved in many trials over the years, from breed comparisons to breed society sire progeny testing and scientific research including the development of AI in sheep through to industry good programs such as Ovita and DNA development.

All the breeding programs at Blackdale Stud centre on Quality and Quantity with reduced Cost. Expensive or genetically enhancing inputs are not used at Blackdale, no capsules or long-acting drenches, no concentrate ad-lib feeding.

Blackdale stock runs at commercial 15 sheep/ha stocking rates and have a proud history of high performance.”

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