Texel - Blackdale Stud


Impressed by the useful qualities displayed by the Texel breed while observing them as a supervisor for the Sheepac quarantine stations, Blackdale invested in a group of top-quality purebreds on their release in November 1990. This included a ½ share of the top pick four tooth Ram Sheepac 365/88 – “Mr. Muscle”. While imported as …

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Suftex - Blackdale Stud


SIL Flock 3552 Bred in response to clients wanting a colour marking sire for mating ewes excluded from breeding replacements, this terminal sire is becoming very popular. Like the Texel Coopworth cross, the Texel Suffolk cross enhances desirable attributes from the respective breeds. Initially using a good growth rate, well-muscled Texel ewes put to the …

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Textra - Blackdale Stud


The Textra™ was developed in 1996 using a mix of Texel, Coopworth andEast Friesian breeds. The aim was to create a high-performance dual-purpose flock that can deliver its own mated live weight in lambproduction by weaning at 100 days from birth. The Textra™ has an earlyreproductive ability that allows for hogget lambing results of 110-140%scanned …

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Texel X Coopworth - Blackdale Stud

Texel X Coopworth

The breeding of the Texel x Coopworths (TCs) started in 1991 with the release of Texels from 5 years of quarantine. Looking to lift the hardiness and meat quality of the Coopworth who already had lambing, mothering, and wool production. The toughness of this cross and clean points, along with much earlier high-yielding lambs made …

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Short Tails from Texel New Zealand

Short Tails From Texel New Zealand

This article covers – Breeding for more meat without compromising quality. Texels – Adapting to change. Stud Genetics – The Ins and Outs of Inbreeding