Texel X Coopworth - Blackdale Stud

Texel X Coopworth

The breeding of the Texel x Coopworths (TCs) started in 1991 with the release of Texels from 5 years of quarantine. Looking to lift the hardiness and meat quality of the Coopworth who already had lambing, mothering, and wool production.

The toughness of this cross and clean points, along with much earlier high-yielding lambs made this a winner for many farming environments. A small number of 1st cross TCs enter the program each year from top purebred bloodlines but the majority of the flock is a stabilized crossbred for several generations.

Key statistics:

  • Lambing: – Ewes 200% Tailing 160-180%
  • Hoggets 120-140% Tailing 100-120%
  • Lamb Dress out 44-47% Meat Yield 54-56%
  • Wool weight 5.5-6.5 kg/head Adult micron 37-39

This cross is highly regarded in all types of farm areas and has toughness which means it handles dry conditions along with very wet and cold better than most. Often a class finalist in the NZ Golden Lamb Awards and rates highly on SILACE.

Performance recorded flock no 4669 on Sheep Improvement Limited (SIL) with SIL flocks 719 and 2672 also related.

Traits tested:

Physical soundness, multiple inspections, weaning weights, 200-day weight, 18-month weight, adult weight x 2/year, fleece weight, growth, muscle, fat, reproduction, survival, ewe efficiency.

DNA tests include cold tolerance, muscling, microphthalmia, Carla, footrot resistance, 5K and 50K SNP’s, and Lamb max (GDF9) fertility gene.