SILACE / NZGE – Blackdale Stud sires relate extremely highly particularly Maternal Worth, Dual Purpose Growth, Dual Purpose Wool and both Terminal and Dual Purpose Meat.

Currently, in the SIL Dual Purpose Lamb Growth and Adult size results we have 30 out of the top 50 Rams for growth and Number One Ram Ranked for Maternal Worth (overall economic value for all dual purpose sheep in NZ)

Blackdale Stud continues to rate highly on the New Zealand Central Progeny Test Evaluations.

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What Our Clients Say

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This is wonderful New Zealand business which I can highly recommend. I have been the Blackdale Stud's customer for few years now and the fiber and wool I receive from Marion is exceptionally good. I am a big fan of their wool fleeces and carded wool. Their excellent products are the main reason of my success as a small craft business, called FeltSoapGood.
Louisa Rull

I am from Western Australia, about 12 years ago my wife and I visited your property. Peter and Marion were very generous to us with Peter showing us around all of the farm and sheep, at this stage you had East Friesian and were crossing them Texels etc, it was early days then for the cross.

We had East Friesians and knew that we had to cross them with something to harden them up, Peter at this time was not impressed with most Texels in the Southern Hemisphere. So when we got home we crossed them with Poll Dorsets and had good success with that cross. We retired several years ago so sold them all, but like all farmers was so bored we have started again with some composite ewes and have just managed to find a source of EF x Texel rams (Hard to find in W.A.) from a sheep dairy in Mount Barker near Albany.

We have never forgotten the generosity of your family and the information that we picked up from there. So thank you very very much.

Ken and Barbara Sloan

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